Accommodations at Casitas Tres Cocos

Nestled among the coconut trees, Casitas Tres Cocos features six private bungalows that highlight local Belizean wildlife with elegant, native island décor and modern amenities and furnishings. We provide our guests with everything they need for spending their Ambergris Caye Vacation in comfort and style—while respecting the beauty and simplicity of the natural surroundings. Each Casitas is individually named. Learn more about each Casita below.

Casita Eagle Ray

Casita Eagle Ray
Unlike stingrays, who spend most of their time hiding on the ocean floor, Eagle Rays explore the open water. With wide, flat bodies; broad fins; and long tails, Eagle Rays are graceful swimmers and can breach the water up to several meters above the surface. Appropriate for swimmers and explorers alike, Casita Eagle Ray features a private plunge pool and outdoor oasis shower with hot and cold water.

The fully functional kitchenette includes stainless steel appliances, two-plate stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, blender, cookware, servingware, dishes and silverware.

Casita Eagle Ray can be booked with Casita Jaguar, featuring a Bluetooth-connecting sound system, to make a two-bedroom unit for friends and families.

Casita Jaguar

Casita Jaguar
Native to the Americas, Jaguars appear in Mayan mythology as communicators between the living and dead, protectors of the royal household and companions in the spiritual world. This solitary predator is the largest cat in the New World and the third-largest cat overall behind the tiger and lion. Elusive and energetic, Jaguars are adept at climbing, crawling and swimming and prefer to inhabit rainforests, where they can traverse large territories.

Channel their roaming spirit by staying in Casita Jaguar, which features a Bluetooth-connecting sound system.Casita Jaguar can be booked with Casita Eagle Ray to make a two-bedroom unit for friends and families, adding access to the private plunge pool, fully functional kitchenette and outdoor oasis shower.

Casita Tapir

In Belize, tapirs are also known as “mountain cows”. Many of them live in the forest and are agile climbers capable of tramping steep hillsides and riverbanks with apparent ease. Those that live near rivers spend most of their time in and beneath the water, feeding on soft vegetation, hiding from predators and cooling off. Tapirs also run surprisingly quickly, given their size and stature, and are great swimmers. Staying in Casita Tapir will inspire the active—and relaxed—vacationer in you.

Casita Iguana

Iguana on The Caribbean Beach. Mexico
Known locally as “bamboo chicken”, the green iguana of Belize is one of the largest lizards in the world, with most of its size due to its tail. Iguanas use the color of their scales to blend into their surroundings and hide from predators and will often perch on a limb hanging over a river, so they can plunge into the water for safety. Mainly a plant eater, iguanas consume berries, leaves and fruit, as well as the occasional small mammal and nesting bird. Although iguana meat and eggs are considered a delicacy in Belize, we encourage you to get your fill by staying in Casita Iguana.

Casita Crocodile

A fresh water crocodile
Normally shy and timid, crocodiles prefer isolated, secluded areas. And in contrast to the closely related alligator, crocodiles are very sensitive to cold. In Belize, the Morelet’s Crocodile, also known as the Mexican crocodile, is a common freshwater species mainly found in forested swamps and marshes, which provide them with cover. With short legs, webbed feet, long tails and strong muscles, they are fast runners and swimmers. Whether you’re looking for adventures on land or in water, in rivers or the sea, stay in Casita Crocodile and enjoy the variety of activities that Belize has to offer.

Casita Kinkajou

With strict nocturnal habits and great climbing skills, Kinkajous are seldom seen by people. They are typically found in closed-canopy tropical forests and generally playful, quiet and docile. Although Kinkajous are classified as carnivorous, they eat mostly fruit and nectar, which they are able to extract with long, slender tongues. If you’re looking to enjoy the sweet, gentle, peaceful moments of Ambergris Caye and Belize, Casita Kinkajou is the bungalow for you.